Teaching + Students

Most of my teaching is within the Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, and the Master Degree in Mathematics, both at UPC.

Fall 2014

Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Bachelor in Mathematics) Link
Graph Theory (Master in Mathematics) 

Spring 2015

Complex Analysis (Bachelor in Mathematics) Link
Discrete Mathematics (Bachelor in Mathematics) Link
Combinatorics (Master in Mathematics) Link

Current Ph.D. students

Lander Ramos, starting 2013

Past Ph.D. students

 Juanjo Rué, 2009: Enumeration and limit laws of topological graphs. Currently Junior Professor at Free University Berlin.
Omer Giménez, 2005: Enumerative aspects and Tutte polynomials of graphs and matroids.Currently Engineer at Google, Palo Alto, CA.
Sergi Elizalde, 2004: Consecutive patterns and statistics on restricted permutations.Currently Associate Professor at Dartmouth College, NH.
Anna de Mier, 2003: Graphs and matroids determined by their Tutte polynomials. Currently Associate Professor at UPC.
Carmen Hernando (co-advisor Ferran Hurtado), 1999: Complexity of geometric and combinatorial structures. Currently Associate Professor at UPC.

Master students

Ivan Geffner, 2014
Katerina Bohmova, 2011